Corporate Concept

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Mission: Committing to allow patients to enjoy high-quality dental products.


Management Measures: 3 unifications, one central task.


Management Philosophy:  People-Oriented, Employees First.


Enterprise Spirit: Houde, Dedication, Cooperation and Innovation.


Operation Principle: The patient is blessed and the doctor is named, Business is developed and employee appreciation.


The principle of employment: Known to make good use of people, Bold decentralization, Strengthen training and communication.


Service Concept: Everything is patient-centered and insists on high quality dental services.


Slogan: Doctors have the heart of love, to achieve the most perfect, the most beautiful. Beautiful life begins with good teeth!


Values: Behave faithfully, doing by heart, work hard, to achieve the most perfect, the most beautiful.


Working Goals: to meet the customized requirements of patients.


Working Guidelines : Fast, Efficient, High Quality, Economical.


Working Attitude: Voluntary, Dedication, Happy.